Opticom Graphite Industry is the global leader in making and manufacturing graphite products.

The company is engaged in researching new solutions, technologies and high-quality raw materials, with the aim of granting that precision and solidity, which have made Opticom Graphite’s products a “necessary choice”.

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Opticom Graphite Industry creates value for its customers thanks to the deep knowledge of markets and to the ability of anticipate the demands by working successfully next to the customer in two sectors: gold and industry.

Lavorazione grafite


Lavorazione grafite

f.n. [from German Graphit, derived from the Greek γράϕω «to write», because it leaves traces of greyish colour when rubbed on paper].


Lavorazione grafite

Research And Development

The basis of the manufacturing process is the raw material selection, according to the highest quality requirements related to the material purity and geographical origin of the extraction sites, thus combining quality and sustainable processing.


The graphite is processed with micrometrical precision, according to the stringent standards set by any industrial sector.


Fast order fulfilment operations, warehouse service for prompt delivery and well-established reliability in worldwide consulting are all core values of Opticom Graphite Industry.

We have a solution to all your needs

The consolidated experience in materials, as well as engineering, innovation and targeted customer-applications are the core values of Opticom Graphite Industry. Thanks to the ability to find smart and reliable solutions for the different production steps, from raw materials to finished products, Opticom Graphite Industry is actually your ideal partner for the development of a product starting from the specific requirements of each client. In this way, high-quality customised solutions can be achieved starting from the concept to the mass-production.

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09 – 11 June 2022

Expo of customize technology for the aluminium, foundry castings & innovative metals industry


17 – 21 March 2022

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