Opticom Services


Fast order fulfilment operations, warehouse service for prompt delivery and well-established reliability in worldwide consulting are all core values of Opticom Graphite Industry.

Tailor-made consulting

Diversification and sectorisation play an essential role in the management of effective relationships with customers.

A specialised and qualified reference person assists every client, in order to manage quickly and promptly all the different requests according to the market of origin.

Customers are finally assisted during the after-sales phase too, through a dedicated service that can improve quality and the excellent of the supply side.

We are in the digitized and fast communication times, however, the direct contact between customer and handler is always the best choice. For this reason, the sales department is the beating heart of Opticom Graphite Industry. A team of people ready to follow the customer on every request and suggest perfect solutions for his needs.


Thanks to a rich and internationally portfolio of clients in the graphite products business and to a well-organized and widespread distribution network, each sales representative of the company can follow a specific geographic area. Moreover, they remain updated on the different needs and requests related to the product diversification and operating mode depending on the cultural differences of every country around the world.

Thanks to this wide package of global resources, Opticom Graphite Industry can claim an excellent service for its clients’ business.

Warehouse service

Fast delivery and availability of stock are the core of the warehouse service. Graphite is a consumable material that requires a replacement after heavy use, since it is subject to usury. In this way, Opticom Graphite Industry has chosen to plan a storage service to offer an important method and keep relations that are more efficient towards the company’s partners.