Opticom Services


The graphite is processed with micrometrical precision, according to the stringent standards set by any industrial sector.

Standard and customized processing

Through rendering techniques, a small part of the product or a technical drawing to rework afterwards is enough. Furthermore, we have standard and non-standard production: the first process, in particular, is used for precious metals sector, while the non-standard production turns out to be more appropriate in the industry sector. This is because Opticom Graphite knows that each machine is owned and patented. Therefore, it manufactures the product based on the customer’s specifications.

With a 360-degree view of the various markets, we analyse, first of all, the graphite and its opportunities according to its prescribed end-use. An approach to the matter, this one, that offers the chance to make a product with targeted technical specificities right from the design phase.

Constant innovation

Knowing the various demands of the sectors using graphite, Opticom Graphite Industry is involved in constant testing and experimentations, which can offer an excellent product without alterations. The use of advance machineries and technology allows the speed of implementation and the tracking of every step of the manufacturing process.
The professional team of “graphite craftsmen” is responsible and aware of the value of the progress and of the graphite itself, which proves to have a great potential in terms of technological growth and flexibility in applications and machining.
Innovation, in Opticom Graphite, stands for sustainability: since the future industry will be closely linked to the consciousness of a proper use, as well as to the development and to the environmental impact of materials such as graphite. Starting from this assumption, the company only works with the latest generation machineries, which reduce energy consumption and increase, on the other hand, the life of a consumable product, while easing the environmental impact.


The material is subject to wear and the aim of Opticom Graphite Industry is analysing together with the client every aspect of the production process. Therefore, every sample produced is tested according to its end use, by evaluating directly on site how the material behaves under stress. This allows anticipating and recognizing any possible problems, in order to make the necessary changes and find smart solutions to improve the efficacy and durability of the products. Thanks to the numerous required quality controls and its experience to preserve the customer’s production line, Opticom Graphite Industry takes advantage of its proven research skills and its different manufacturing techniques in order to find smart and customised solutions for clients’ needs. Advanced technology and the latest equipment make it possible to execute critical tests in real time to satisfy the high standards of excellence and exceed the expectations.

For Opticom Graphite Industry “there’s no difference between quality and quantity”.