Opticom Services

Research And Development

The basis of the manufacturing process is the raw material selection, according to the highest quality requirements related to the material purity and geographical origin of the extraction sites, thus combining quality and sustainable processing.

How do we select the graphite?

The raw material origin is therefore guaranteed and ensures the development of very high quality products. In addition, the technical assistance is also among Opticom Graphite services, in order to ensure the customer what he requests in the exact moment the need arises.

This is all thanks to the proposal of smart and easily accessible solutions for both ready-to-sell products and engineered products developed for specific application.


Our business partners are selected according to specific requirements. Above all, we want our suppliers to be respectful of the applicable regulatory requirements and to be ready to establish efficient management processes and continuous improvements of the services involving the management of the resources.

In particular, among the matters we pay close attention are decreased water consumption and the recycling of residual materials in synthetic graphite production processes, too. This is because we aim to make an efficient use of resources and avoid effects on the environment as much as possible; also regarding the synthetic graphite.

Our resources to serve your business

Methods of depth analysis of the materials give you full information on their performance and behavioural causes and effects, in order to predict accurately how final products will react to the customer’s desired applications. The demand of the clients is oriented to the highest quality on the market and the ability to optimise or use other design options for new applications strictly depends on thereof materials.

This involves a complete understanding of customers’ needs, thanks to our team of specialised technicians and to a diversified and customer-oriented supply for the desired application.

How do we test the raw material?

Graphite characterization techniques

  • Real density
  • Degree of compaction
  • Electrical resistivity
  • Thermal conductivity
  • Optical microscopy